Juicy J – O’s Review 

“I’m still workin while I’m on vacation, you can’t tell me nothin’ ’bout my dedication.”

These lines, which serve as the openers to Memphis rapper Juicy J’s newest mixtape, pretty much sums up his career at this point. With a 20-year career, hits on hits, and yes, even an Oscar under his belt, he’s still churning out material, even when it seems he could quit rapping altogether and no one would be mad about it. But if you thought that the Juice Man would let you forget about what all he’s accomplished, you’d be wrong. “We worked hard for this sh*t”, he says on “Durdy”. “So n*gga, we gotta flex!”

And flex he does. On “You Can’t” Juicy raps over a Middle Eastern beat (courtesy of Zaytoven) about how you can’t touch his money, cars, or jewelry. “Hood icon, thug politician, trap Obama” he brags. He continues his bravado on “Up”, a track that features his brother Project Pat and Taylor Gang associate Wiz Khalifa. “I get that money, and throw it up in the sky… No.1 on the charts we goin’ up in the sky”, no doubt flexing about his success as Taylor Gang’s A&R Rep and co-owner.

But hidden behind the brags and the weed/codeine raps that we’re accustomed to from Juicy, there lies cautionary tales about what not to do in the hood. He warns up-and-comers that what they do WILL have consequences, and that the real will always recognize the fakes. He’s like the wise Uncle of hip hop; yeah he can turn up as well as the next guy (if you follow his snapchat, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about), but he can also teach the youngsters a thing or two.

While the tape isn’t perfect; there are some fillers and the lyrics aren’t anything new, this is a strong mixtape filled with confidence. The beats are very good, courtesy of Sonny Digital, TM88, and the aforementioned Zaytoven, among others, and Juicy’s flow hang with them exceptionally. If you aren’t a fan of Juicy J, stay away from O’s. However, if you’re a fan, this tape is a must. If this is the precursor to Juicy’s next album (Pure THC: The Hustle Continues), than it’s looking to be another classic from the Juice Man.


Image: unkut.com


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