Majid Jordan – Majid Jordan (Review)

It was summer 2012 when Majid al Maskati received an email from Noah “40” Shebib. Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman, than known as “Good People”, had just released their debut project of the same name, and 40 was congratulating them, and offered them a chance to work with his OVO Sound label on Drake’s next album. It was then that it all changed for the duo. The two would go on to help write, produce, and be featured on arguably Drake’s biggest single, “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” and get signed to his label. Talk about a start to your career.

Fast forward three and a half years and the duo have finally released their self-titled debut album. Crooning R&B meets funky house synths on this 12-track project, with production from Toronto staples Illangelo, Nineteen85, and 40 himself.

While there may not be a “HOWGH”-type hit on the record, Majid Jordan may have something special with “Something About You,” a song that’s the perfect combination of bouncy house and soothing R&B, which is a common theme throughout the album. The fact that the duo  can blend the two together so well is what makes this album a success, whether it be the aforementioned song or the get-you-dancing “Shake Shake Shake.” The album also features the Drake-assisted “My Love,” which has the the two questioning the seriousness of a relationship. “Why you wanna be my love? Is it just for show?” Majid asks.

While the album does have its duds (the single “King City” falls flat), this is a strong debut that plays perfectly to their strengths. If Drake is the OVO heavyweight, than Majid Jordan is the X Factor. It’s just a matter of time before everyone else realizes it.



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