Gallant – Ology (Review)

When Gallant first burst onto the scene two years ago, he was heralded as an R&B/Neo-Soul blog darling. His voice stood out immediately; a falsetto that will certainly pierce your eardrums (don’t worry, in a good way!). Now the 24 year old from Maryland is back with his debut album, Ology.

“Weight In Gold,” the song that for many was their first taste of the singer, premiered on the debut air date of Beats 1 radio. Now the lead single, it’s perhaps the best on the album. Gallant bellows out his soft-tinged voice somewhat cautiously before he hits the start-stop chorus, where he erupts in his aforementioned falsetto, which could bring chills down anyone’s spine. “Call me anxious, call me broke. But I can’t lift this on my own,” he wails, yearning to his lover that he can’t keep the relationship afloat by himself.

When listening to this album one can’t help but compare it to an album like – dare I say it – Channel ORANGE, not only because of the similarities between Gallant and Frank Ocean’s voices at times, but because of the way the two use varying degrees of musical styles in their songs. On “Miyazaki,” he utilizes a guitar outro to end the track, while on “Episode,” he implements a dance-pop flavor to his lyrics, which imply that he isn’t sure if his current relationship is worth pursuing anymore. “So inconsistent with my passion that I threw it all out,” he sings. However, while there may be a lot to take in style-wise, it’s Gallant’s voice that steals the show. His ability to draw the listener in and keep them there is remarkably consistent.

If one looked up the word “Ology” on the Internet, the first thing that comes defines the word as “a subject of study; a branch of knowledge.” Gallant does the word justice, as the album possesses varying styles of music genres, from vulnerable soul to catchy pop to even rock-tinged funk. As he grows more into himself as an artist, and garners higher-name production and features, the future looks bright for this soul man.



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