DJ Esco (Hosted by Future) – Project E.T. (Review)


It’s been 4 months since we last saw a Future project. 4 whole months. While that may not be a lot for other artists, with the run Future’s been on since late 2014 it might as well be 4 years. Regardless, Atlanta’s hottest export is back, hosting his longtime DJ-producer DJ Esco’s Project E.T. (Esco Terrestrial), which boasts a number of high-profile collaborations, including Drake, Young Thug and DJ Mustard.

While not a Future project per se (it’s DJ Esco’s), it might as well be, as Super Fewtch hosts the mixtape and is featured on all but 4 songs. And just like most of his projects, it’s double cup stuffed to the brim with hi-hat-heavy production from a who’s who of some of the biggest producers in the rap game, with Southside, Tarentino, Metro Boomin, Zaytoven and DJ Mustard all making appearances behind the boards. And they don’t disappoint, as you could play this tape front to back at the function and no one would probably complain.

When you get to reach Esco and Future’s level of clout, everybody wants to work with you. Whereas in previous Future projects, this tape boasts a plethora of features, many high-profile ones that’ll certainly make any rap fan pause and check them out. “100it Racks” has two heavy-hitters, with Drake and 2 Chainz sharing mic duties along with Future Hendrix. The 3 floss over their hard-earned wealth, abound with quotables about their love for drugs, clothes, and of course strippers. Juicy J lends his talents on “My Blower,” which showcases the two’s love for weed. “Lit, I’m a stoner, met your girl at the club I’m a bone her,” Juicy raps. We also get the first ever Future x Rae Sremmurd collab in “Party Pack,” a project highlight which has Future and the two brothers conveying their affinity for all things lit.

While Future may be on most of the tracks, the one’s where he’s not are hit-and-miss. “Stupidly Crazy” featuring Casey Veggies and Nef The Pharaoh is definitely a hit. Produced by DJ Mustard, it’s a track you’ll be hearing in the club very soon, with Veggies in particular flowing well over the beat. “Super Dumb” has Rambo So Weird on the mic, where the relatively unknown rapper does his best Future impersonation over another Mustard beat. It’s okay as is, but you’d have to imagine why Esco didn’t put a more veteran rapper over a very good beat like this. The last Fewtch-less track (other than the intro) is “Deal With It” featuring one of his friends Stuey Rock. This cut is, frankly, a miss, with subpar production and even more mediocre lines from Rock.

Ever since Future burst into the mainstream, his codeine-fueled, hi-hat-heavy sound has taken the rap world by storm. However, with that sound being recreated across hip hop, it can start to get a little old, which is what Project E.T. falters from. It doesn’t help that some of the beats are bland and the mixing is somewhat pedestrian either. Nonetheless, people aren’t listening to Future looking for some enriching, thought-provoking material. Chances are they’re listening to turn up, and this mixtape does the job. But that’s all it does.




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