Week In Music – Pt. 1

Ok so since there’s so much music dropping all the time and naturally I can’t do a full length review of everything, I’ll be doing weekly roundups of sorts that’ll have me briefly summarizing albums, mixtapes, etc that I’ve listened to over the week. I’ll still be doing full length reviews of the more noteworthy releases as well.


Balance and Composure – Light We Made

Image result for balance and composure light we made

Released – October 7

Genre – Indie Rock, Emo


Emo music is moving towards a more noisey, indie rock direction, which is right up Balance and Composure’s alley. However, Light We Made tends to overstay its welcome more often than not because msot songs tend to linger on longer than they probably should.

The Game – 1992Image result for the game 1992

Released – October 14

Genre – Rap, Gangsta Rap


The Game takes us back in time to, you guessed it, 1992 for this record. Although the Compton rapper does a great job putting us in the mindset of what it was like back then, whether it be via namedrops or g-funk samples, it tends to be too grandiose production-wise for it’s own good.

Taylor Gang – TGOD Volume 1 


Released – October 11

Genre – Rap, R&B


The Gang’s all here on volume one of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang mixtape. While some of the member’s performances make you question why they’re even in the collective, the beats are great and the group’s heavy hitters hold their own.

Gucci Mane – WoptoberImage result for woptober

Released – October 14

Genre – Rap, Southern Rap


Gucci Mane’s second post-prison album has the Atlanta rapper doing absolutely nothing that he hasn’t done before. There are some good songs and there are bad songs, but Guwop prefers quantity over quality anyway so more power to him.

Lance Skiiwalker – Inverted Intuition


Release – October 18

Genre – Alternative Rap, Conscious Rap


TDE’s latest signee shows us right away that he falls into the more left-field spectrum of rap that’s so popular nowadays. With quirky arrangements, electronic influences and varied pitches in Skiiwalker’s voice, it’s a challenging listen that unfortunately doesn’t really go anywhere.

Crying – Beyond the Fleeting Gales


Released – October 14

Genre – Synth-rock, Chiptune, Power Pop


Crying’s debut album is an irresistable fusion of powerhouse guitars and synthy goodness, all brought together by singer Elaiza Santos’ airy vocals. It’s the kind of album you’ll want to listen to again and again and again and…


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