Migos – C U L T U R E (Review)

Social media is a funny thing. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Vine have catapulted artists to heights that they’d otherwise never reach. It can also put former flavors of the month back to the forefront of the mainstream. DJ Khaled, Gucci Mane and others have had their career’s revitalized not thanks to their actual talent as musicians, but to how many memes their songs or lyrics can generate. You can now add Migos to this list, as after their debut studio album came and went, it seemed only the dedicated hip hop heads were looking forward to more of the hip hop group. Irrelevancy akin to Chief Keef and OG Maco appeared to be well within the realm of possibility, but then their monster hit “Bad and Boujee” (or more importantly, the memes) took off, and it was the career-redefining moment so many artists crave for.

The album that encompasses this mega hit, however, fails to capitalize on this newfound popularity while also abandoning for the most part what they did so well. In regards to the latter, Migos favor their ‘stop and go’ flow they’ve utilized recently more on this album than their now-famous ‘triplet flow.’ The S&G flow works well on a few songs such as “Call Casting” and “Get Right Witcha,” but altogether the flow will leave listeners coming into this album looking for hard-edged, blazing fast rhymes of Migos’ past wanting more. Though the trade-off for this sacrificial move may be easier, more quotable lines which equate to more IG captions, artistically it leaves more to be desired.

While the album definitely has songs that are up to snuff, the second half of the album is a major falloff. Whereas the 6 opening songs are Migos at their best, almost all of the last 7 are either obvious filler, musical misfires or contain weak hooks. Tracks like “Big On Big” and “Deadz” shouldn’t even be on the record, and the latter song would be the worst if not for 2 Chainz saving the song with a typical fire verse. “Kelly Price” tries to be this 6 minute epic, but falls considerably short. Bland and too long, it’s a shame that a song featuring noted turn up god Travis Scott is this un-lit.

Migos resurgence to the top of the charts was celebrated around the music world, as anyone who comes from the bottom all the way to the top should be. However, C U L T U R E as a whole fails to take advantage of their recent comeback by doling out a project that for the most part forgoes the one thing that made the group what they are. The question is how long will this resurgence last once the memes die out?


6.7 – 10


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