Future – FUTURE (Review)

Future’s rise to the top was largely tied to his work ethic. Ever since his late 2014 mixtape Monster, his brand of codeine-tinged trap raps took over the hip hop world because he just kept dropping project after project. He didn’t go away because he refused to rest on his laurels and let his well-deserved hype diminish. After dropping five solo projects (not to mention two collaborative projects with Drake and Gucci Mane) since Monster, Super Fewtch finally slowed down, opting to take a year break. The result is the self-titled FUTURE album, which is a 17 track behemoth that unfortunately leaves more to be desired.

Future’s incredible run a few years ago was successful because of the proximity of the releases combined with the overall feel of them. As soon as you got tired of one, another one was right around the corner, keeping him fresh in your mind. It didn’t matter as much that the projects all sounded the same because his work ethic was more reminiscent of the mixtape route than a proper album release. Even DS2, his platinum-selling 2015 magnum-opus, featured 3 songs found on previous projects. The point is, Future’s a man of the people; he knows what his fans want and doesn’t hesitate to provide them with it. After a year though you would think he’d put out something a little more diverse than what he’s doled out previously. However, FUTURE is double cup stuffed to the brim with the same old Future we fawned over, albeit with less grandeur and awe.

FUTURE certainly has its moments, no one’s disputing that. “Super Trapper,” “I’m so Groovy,” “When I Was Broke” and “Might as Well” are clear standouts which show that he obviously prepared in advance what he wanted to get across. Everything else however lacks the artistic effort you would think Future would dedicate to his first solo project in almost a year. For a 17 track album, there’s a severe shortage of creativity; it’s as if he recorded as much as he could in one session and hastily threw it all in last minute.

For the amount of downtime in-between albums, the fact that this is all Future could muster is disappointing. An album that shows what he can really do given the time is what would’ve worked best here, as it would’ve at least laid to rest the whole “Future’s oversaturating himself” spiel. Well he didn’t, and that narrative lives to see another project.


6.5 – 10


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