Series Review: Milwaukee Brewers (April 7 – April 9)

The Cubs took two of three against the Brewers in a three-game set. Just like the series against St. Louis, the team lost the opener on a walkoff before winning the last two games. Here’s what stood out the most.


Heeeeeee’s Baaaaaaack

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.18.54 PM.png
Arturo Pardavila III

Be honest, there was no way you were worried about Kris Bryant right? The defending MVP started off slow, going 0-14 to begin the year. Since then he’s gone 7-15  with three RBIs, putting away any notion of an MVP hangover. He’s still looking for his first homer however, but he’s Kris Bryant so those will come.

Brett Anderson Looks Solid

In his first game of the season, the oft-injured Anderson threw 5.2 innings and only gave up one ER on 5 hits. More importantly he showed he’s relatively healthy, which will pay big dividends as the season goes along. If he can avoid the injury bug, he’s a great back-of-the-rotation option.

Montgomery Continues Struggles

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.19.38 PM.png
Arturo Pardavila III

To be fair, Montgomery pitched two great innings in last night’s game. However, he once again lost the game, giving up a single, walk, HBP and finally a wild pitch in the 11th that ended the game in a walkoff. With many other pieces peforming well, it’ll be interesting to see if Maddon keeps sticking with Montgomery these next few days.


Heyward’s Hitting!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.20.09 PM.png
Dave Herholz

After leaving St. Louis with a quad of hits, Heyward continued to mash the ball well, going 3-9 with three RBI in two games. He very easily could’ve gone 5-5 in today’s game if not for a couple of outstanding defensive plays by Milwaukee fielders. He’s getting on base at a great clip so far (.391) and he’s making hard contact, so it looks like his new approach at the plate is working.

What’s next: The Cubs return home to Wrigley Field tomorrow for the first time since winning it all in a three-game set with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and it should be a very raucous crowd. Jon Lester, John Lackey and Brett Anderson respectively are set to take the hill, and the Dodgers should give the Cubs their first big test of the season.


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